Puncher / Cutter / Hand and Foot Press


Marking and Cutting Machine
VoltagePowerCutting widthNWGWMeasurementPacking
110V / 220V 1/2 HP 1 -150mm. 210 Kgs 260 Kgs 100cm*100cm*150cm 104cm*104cm*175cm

Applications: Ideal for cutting of color straps、nylon straps、safety belts, and car pulling belts、thicker belt.

Features: Stats of the art computer control design. Cutting length of work pieces, As well as cutting pressure / time of the air pressure. Especially suitable for thicker belt. The machine can be easily achieve high efficiency with less waste and complete cutting up, seal and cut in on action.

Functions: For right angle cutting purposes. HM-201ACF

ModelThroat DepthPowerStrokeNet WeightGross WeightPacking Size
HM-307AS-P 4 1/2" 1/4 HP 50m/m 80 Kgs 130 Kgs 80x65x165cm

Used : for the materials of shoe upper, canvas, fabric and leather


  1. Simple and easy to operate
  2. Hole diameter is made by customer’s request
  3. Die set can be converted for punching and riveting
HM-307AS-P HM-307AS-P
Micro Computer Belt Cutting Machine
ModelCutting lengthCutting WidthCutting speedMachine sizeMeasurementMachine WeightVoltage
HM-101A 1-99999mm 1-160mm 4500 70000mm L660 x W520 x H1110mm L760 x W650 x H1230mm 98 kgs 110V, 220V, 1P


1. Controlled by single-chipped micro-computer

2. Length controlled over values and the motor.

3. Machine shut down automatically while reaching certain amount.

4. 100 different sets of speed


For cutting electric wires, computer wires, connecting wires, thimbles, insulating thimbles, insulating paper, speaker cone material, aluminum foil, PVC strips, paper sheets, metal sheets and plastic sheets.

ModelThroat DepthStrokeNet WeightGrass weight
HM-170 3" 30mm 5.5 kgs 6 kgs

Operate by backward for riveting, can be fitted on table suitable for thickness materials and small order.

FOOT PRESS / Kick press
ModelThroat DepthNet WeightGrass weight
HM-36 100mm 60kgs 70kgs

Suitable for small order, pedal operation in objects of eyelets, metal buttons and various rivets, die sets can be converted for punching and riveting. Economical and practical

ModelThroat DepthStrokeNet WeightGrass weight
ST-1 3" 30mm 6 kgs 6.5 kgs

Operate by frontward for riveting, can be fitted on table suitable for the regular materials and small order

ModelThroat Depth/ PowerStokeNet WeightGross WeightPacking Size/Suitable Hardware
HM-612CF-7H 12" 1/2 HP 50m/m 220kgs 300kgs 85x65x165cm It is capable to adjust quantity of hole and gape between each hole bases on necessity. The maximum is 7 holes
HM-612CF-7H HM-612CF-7H